Saree Not Saree: India 2013

It's funny how time and distance change you, the roads you take don't always lead you home.

Autos and Pups

Took my first unguided auto rickshaw to do some shopping last night. Somehow we made it successfully and actually didn’t get TOO ripped off. There were fifteen of us in a vehicle that sat eight, so needless to say half of us had to sit with our heads out the windows. In India the rules are relaxed making this my new favorite form of transportation.

The first rule of India is do not touch the stray dogs. So what do we do when we come across three sleeping puppies? Touch them! There are dogs, pigs, chickens, buffalos, cows, and monkeys everywhere. This domestic wild life, although flea infested, is so loving and we have taken full advantage of that.


One comment on “Autos and Pups

  1. sophie w
    January 5, 2013

    don’t touch flea infested animals stupid

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