Saree Not Saree: India 2013

It's funny how time and distance change you, the roads you take don't always lead you home.

Market Maddness

Mysore is home to an open air market that spans about five square blocks. Within this space there  are topic specific markets including flowers, spices, fruits, vegetables, and an incense market. We perused the aisles and got lost in the chaos. I purchased my first bronze Ganesh statue after weeks of putting off committing to the idol. Although he is small, it is comforting to see him sit on my desk “removing obstacles” from my day to day life.

Within the market we made a “friend”, which translates to a stalker who pops up everywhere you walk attempting to sell you things and get personal information from you. When walking through public places, Indians will look at you then say “Obama?”. I tend to smile, nod, and continue walking. Sometimes, a chant will begin when you respond “Yes, Obama” and everyone yells “OBAMA”. Other times, Indians will ask if you are “happy with Obama”. They are truly a curious people and their fascination with American politics is truly astounding.


This is a powder used on sticks of incense. Sand is also sold in this colorful form to be used to make celebratory sand paintings during festivals.


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