Saree Not Saree: India 2013

It's funny how time and distance change you, the roads you take don't always lead you home.

“You’ve A Mail”

Received my first mail today from some of the best people around! Thank you Liv and Al for sending love my way, I really needed it since I am sick with a cold and missing the comforts of home.

Pops, I gave some of your post its to the CIEE office, but kept the pretty ones for my room! Thank you, I got a kick out of your card. As a reply, “This post has no purpose” except to thank you for thinking of me.

Livy, AH it was amazing to see your name on the return address! Thank you for the card with the polar bear as it was extremely hot today and the cozy polar bear cooled me off nicely (Antarctica in my mind?) I hung it up on my bulletin board right above the photo of my Wediko favs, which has been hanging since the minute I moved in!

NOTE: if this post inspired you to send me mail and therefore get a shout out on my blog my address is:

Emma Weinstein

CIEE office, 1st floor, SIP building,

South campus, University of hyderabad,

Hyderabad, AP 500046, INDIA


More to come tonight on my Mysore adventure!


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