Saree Not Saree: India 2013

It's funny how time and distance change you, the roads you take don't always lead you home.

Hampi Hamp

Hampi. I am not sure if I should begin with the beauty of the sun reflecting off miles of rice patty fields or the pungent stench of marijuana that the hippie culture has infused into the landscape over the years. To start with the high, figuratively that is, the natural beauty and architechture of Hampi is breathtaking. Clusters of thatched roof bunglows and natural rock formations separate fields of rice as far as the eye can see. As for the literal high, that is not my scene and I found other ways to occupy my time in the beautiful landscape.


Internet has been down, which is why I have been MIA for days. I have been blogging in word and will put up some pictures and thoughts to come. Unfortunately, India and electronics do not mix. My air conditioner managed to soak my laptop. My mousepad has a mind of its own and it scatters across my screen sporadically (frustration after thirty minutes of trying, and failing, to publish this post). I am trying my best to cope with the build up of broken electronics, fleeting health, and homesickness. A smile seems pasted on my face, though tears still seem to hide right behind my eyes. Although smaller incidents, it reminds me of my laughter all the way to hospital after I had scissors stuck in my knee this summer. Smiling to keep from feeling the pain. Though I feel a curse on me, I know and hope my luck will turn up with a quiet weekend alone in Hyderabad.


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