Saree Not Saree: India 2013

It's funny how time and distance change you, the roads you take don't always lead you home.

The White People Incident of 2013


Unknown to us, our return train from Hampi had a four hour layover in the middle of nowhere. When we were all sitting staring at each other  wondering why we were the only ones left in the car, a kind stranger informed us of our predicament. Since we had about an hour of daylight left, we decided to exit the train station and wander around. Who knows, maybe this was a destination we knew nothing about. There was after all a HUGE railway station there.

We left. That was probably the most exciting part. This railway station was later compared to Newark Airport. Super important for travellers  but literally in the middle of nowhere. No offense New Jersey. We walked around, getting stared at like we were aliens. I am used to getting looked at for my white skin and bizarre outfits, but this was a new level. No subtle pretending to take a picture of your friend, when really trying to capture what is happening in the background. Nothing.


This has come to be known as the “White People Incident of 2013” in some circles. The best circles, that is. We wandered the grid of streets accumulating a pack of children as we went. No one spoke English or Hindi, so communication was out of the question. There was a lot of handshaking, waving, and so much smiling. I had a flash back to my Bat Mitzvah morning where I was convinced my face may never recover from all the smiling photos.

We made it back to the railway station, still laughing about the odd events and all the lives we truly believed we had changed just by gracing this small town with our presence.


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