Saree Not Saree: India 2013

It's funny how time and distance change you, the roads you take don't always lead you home.

Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head


Fourteen new students from Pitt have joined the Tagore ranks and with them the rain. It has been storming here for the last two days. I cannot say I am complaining. Rain keeps the dust under control and the sounds of thunder is refreshing. Never mind the smell of rain is intoxicatingly strong. Saturday was a lazy day in. Sleeping though the afternoon and overcast sky. Just what I needed after a long Friday. I guess I am doing this out of order, but here is my busy Friday schedule.

I started my day attending a cooking class in the luxurious home of one of the host moms. She has dedicated her like to healthy Indian cooking and she taught us how to prepare a few dishes using the freshest of ingredients.

After that, I ran over to make my first lunch meeting at VOICE. I was surrounded by young, passionate staff and it made the job that much more fun. I learned more about what I would specifically be doing–blogging, newsletters, etc. Resume boosting HELLOOOOO.

That night we went out to celebrate Montana’s 21st birthday at Heart Cup. Her mom is in town for a conference (how cool, Alan you comin?) and it was so nice to chat with them over mock tails. An evening well spent. As we got back to campus the heavens opened up and rain drenched us as we rode a damp 1.8 miles to our dorm.


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