Saree Not Saree: India 2013

It's funny how time and distance change you, the roads you take don't always lead you home.

Tea for Two, Two for Tea?


And by two, I mean one. I had another perfect, solo day. After learning how to be alone in college, I think am finally learning to enjoy the simplicity of doing things solo. Do not get me wrong, I enjoy company. But sometimes being alone gives you the freedom of location. And wandering thoughts bring enough entertainment.

I went to a tea festival as Ista Hotel today. Dad–I have dedicated all my belly button wishes to your Visa process and have begun scouting out possible hotels for your (hopeful) stay. Ista is where it is AT (see below infinity pool). About 5 km from the south gate of campus it was a short, but hectic, ride.


Even locals do not fully understand shared autos. They drive on one road and people cram into them. Then make them stop where they need to go. For ten rupees, you just hop in one going in the direction you want to go and hope for the best. The language barrier hinders my usage of this cheap mode of transportation because they usually go from landmark to landmark and back again. So my usage of landmarks to describe where I want to go does not work. Realistically, you could just ride back and forth happily all day on the drivers route.

Thankfully people helped me today and I navigated the barren, dessert like, path we took to the IT neighbourhoods. Passing by names like Microsoft and Google, it was confusing to sit in my open air vehicle squished between two brightly dressed women in sarees. Holding baskets of fruit on their way home form the market. An older well dressed gentleman directed the driver for me as he hoped out to enter the gated office building. A young girl directed for me on her way home from school. Nothing makes you feel more helpless than when a driver looks at you utterly confused, yet you climb in anyway. Then having a five year old, out alone of course, navigate for you because she already knows two (probably three) languages fluently. Where you, in your twenty years, have yet to master a second. Adios.

I sipped teas from around the world as I looked out over manicured grounds. I read my book, a sappy love novel, while I sat sampling tea snacks greedily. I spoke to noone, but the man for waited on me. And it was perfect.


One comment on “Tea for Two, Two for Tea?

  1. Deborah Floyd
    February 23, 2013

    It sounds absolutely lovely and yet, the mother in me is saying, “What!? You went were alone?” I thought I demanded that you stay locked in your dorm where you would be safe? Ah…to be young and immortal. Continue making memories…

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