Saree Not Saree: India 2013

It's funny how time and distance change you, the roads you take don't always lead you home.

Hot and Dangerous



Emphasis on the hot. At a sweltering 94 degrees today, I officially believe the unbearable heat is coming. Classes are humid and the sweat on the back of my neck distracts me. There is basically a mirage on the board blocking my view. There is nothing I enjoy more than face planting in my icebox of a room. Thank god for air conditioning.

On top of the heat, Keddy and I have adopted “We Are Who We Are” by Ke$ha as out personal anthem. No questions or judgements please. The title of this blog post just killed two birds with one stone. I think we might only like the song for the line about “hotpants” but who cares. Its out anthem.

SHOUTOUT to the best valentine ever! Thanks dad for the coaster..I love it! And have added the card to my wall of love.


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