Saree Not Saree: India 2013

It's funny how time and distance change you, the roads you take don't always lead you home.

I Was Gone For A Minute

But now I am back. I got some good advice recently to keep my blog light and now put so much pressure on myself to be a creative genious. So here I am just filling you all in on my daily adventure. It just so happens this advice came from the same man who is currently on a plane to visit me. You guessed it. It is the best dad around, besides Danny Tanner, coming to explore the AP with his Hindu convert, zen, kurta wearing, idli eating, stray dog loving, train diving, food poisoning patient, homesick daughter.


I planned to call this post: Sick Squared. My mind has started to think in “blog speak” most of the time. Some of my best lines I come up with while zipping through traffic in an auto miles away from my backed up laptop.

Sick to the first degree–food poisoning, the flu, who knows?

From the moment I stepped on the train in Lingampally, heading to Bangalore, I know something was wrong. I was sweaty, nauseous, and sore. I sat down on the floor, while my friends watched, questioning my odd behaviour. On the hour ride to the inner city, my condition worsened. Before our 12 hour train to Bangalore had even departed, I had tossed my cookies twice in the squatter train toilet. Imagine the dirtiest bathroom you can. Now multiply that by 10. Take away the American toilet and replace it with a hole in the ground. NOW put that image on a moving train. Welcome to the next 12 hours of my life.

Upon arrival, my friends deposited me in a hotel bed where I passed out for the entire day. My friends checked on me each hour to make sure I was not dead, delivering coconut water and dinner rolls for their unconscious friend.

Norah Jones Live

Norah Jones Live

Sick to the second degree–Norah Jones LIVE in INDIA

I truly dont think I would have been able to go if it wasnt for my amazing friends who filled me to the brim with medicine, water, and as much food as I could handle. Although I spent 95% of the concert sitting on the ground. It was truly amazing. Her voice was beautiful and intoxicating. The crowd was a small gathering of modern, cosmopolitan couples and families. There was no place I would have rather been.

The rest of the weekend was spent resting with a few outings to the city park, an aquarium (aka a glorified PetSmart), and a local brewery. Back in HYD I have spent my week getting ready for Alan’s arrival while managing my taxing academic career (JOKES).

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