Saree Not Saree: India 2013

It's funny how time and distance change you, the roads you take don't always lead you home.



The third day of #alsindianadventure commenced in the IMAX where we shared one of our favorite, American activities thousands of miles from home. But before we could call it a day, we ventured to Snow World. This indoor winter wonderland themed park is in the center of Hyderabad where families can enjoy the magic od the arctic on swelteringly hot days.

We knew it wasnt going to be anything fancy, but an indoor snow arena in India? We couldnt pass that up. After being given wellies, mittens, wool socks, and parkas, we were ready to enter the acclimatization room. Aka a room with the temperature of a breezy american spring. Not cold. After acclimatizing for ten minutes we entered the snow chamber. Slushy cold much filled our boots and kids ran around us, hood tied tightly to their chins. We tried the sledding hill–a glorified human ice luge before settling down at an ice table to plan the rest of the afternoon.


We had to reaclimate to the hot surroundings before returning our snow gear and heading on our way. Although not the most legitimate of snow scapes, it provided lots of laughs for the Jersey girl and Minnesota man.

Since, Alan has flown back to Germany to be an important business man/CIA agent. It was a great 36 hours to say the least. Cannot wait to be home with my family and friends! Missing them an extra lot today!


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