Saree Not Saree: India 2013

It's funny how time and distance change you, the roads you take don't always lead you home.



I wanted to be punny again, but all I could come up with was “Holi Hell” and that did not seem appropriate for a title, yet I am using it here. You may have noticed, but probably not, that my last post on Goa was lacking in one very important category…HOLI. The main reason we even went to Goa in the first place was to celebrate this colorful Indian tradition. On Wednesday, we left our hotel “safe zone” and entered the Goan streets. Equipped with colored powder and disposable white clothing, we expected to be welcomed by color being thrown in every which direction. Instead, we were taken to a park in the center of town where locals had gather for dancing and a lot a lot of COLOR.


The custom of holi is to walk up to someone and place color on each of their cheeks while saying “HAPPY HOLII”. We saw this with the older men and young girls who ran up to us with big grins hands full of powder. Happily bending down to their height they smeared color on our faces, giggling to their friends as we retaliated. The other end of the spectrum were the boys, or immature men who attacked us with buckets of water, squirt guns, and unwelcome powder showers. Needless to say we moved away from them and hung out with the families, whose presences and Holi style we much preferred. A few lost contacts and mouthfuls of powder later, we headed to the beach to clean up. A lot of scrubbing later, a visit to the steam room, jacuzzi, and a dip in the pool later we still resembled freshly tie dyed tshirts from a children’s summer camp.

NOTE: thanks to papawein45 I was equipped with two disposable cameras which I cannot wait to get developed back in the US of A. It may actually need to be a stop on my way home from the airport, rather than where I usually make my chauffer mother stop–Baba India. Since I do not think I will be craving Indian food anytime soon.


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