Saree Not Saree: India 2013

It's funny how time and distance change you, the roads you take don't always lead you home.

Gimps, Charlie, and Dingo

Thank you Priya for the photo!

Thank you Priya for the photo!

As my time in India seems to be coming to a close, it only seems fitting to write a blog post on three of the most influential people I have come to know during my time here. Yes, they are the Tagore dogs. Since I skyped with all three of my pooches at home over the last five months, dogs are considered people to me.

Gimpster is top dog. The only male allowed within the Tagore gates, he defends his territory and bitches (literally) day in and day out. In the past he has been referred to as “Mad Eye” as he has a milky eye, but his ruff demeanor and overall gaunt gained him the name Gimp for the Spring.

Charlie is bitch number one. She has been Gimps’ leading lady for the longest and their flirtation and sexual chemistry can sometimes be sensed across campus. Forward and sassy, Charlie was trained by a past student and has no fear of humans, or other dogs for that matter. When Keddy and I went through the period of eating on the porch, Charlie sat at our feet getting her snout at close to our plates as (humanly) possible. She loves a good snuggle session and selfishly rolls over for a tummy rub whenever I pass. She learned quick…

Dingo is my personal favorite as I named her and well, it stuck. Dingo came from our Australian shrieks of “SHRIMP ON THA BAHRBIE” every time we failed at our developing Indian accents. For some reason, australian seemed a natural second. Dingo is also a sandy, tan like what I imagine and dingo looks like, but who knows. She is Gimps’ number two bitch and very people shy. Whenever Tanvi, Bhavani’s four year old daughter, comes over you wont be able to find Dingo anywhere as she as headed for the hills rather that by squashed by sticky fingers. She has taken a liking to me and I have to her. Dingo gets the least attention, dog and human, so I try and make it up to her. Whether its slipping her toast from my breakfast, roti from my dinner, or extra scratches, she gets my full attention. It takes all my strength not to sneak her into my room for snuggles and a bath.

Somehow these three mangy mutts have taken over the Tagore courtyard, continuously defending their territory from intruders, human, pig, cow, or dog. After all, international students have the best food and are willing to share due to the fact they are probably missing some other furry friend in their life. Most of their day is spent lounging, escorting us to class, and digging better sleeping holes. To say the least, these three have made a lasting impression on my time here and I know I will miss my flea infested, gnarly, ferocious mutts.

NOTE: better pictures to come as I usually spend my time lying on the ground petting them…


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