Saree Not Saree: India 2013

It's funny how time and distance change you, the roads you take don't always lead you home.

The Snailiest of Mail

I could really go for some street noodles right about now.....SORRY MOM hashtag iron stomach!

I could really go for some street noodles right about now…..SORRY MOM hashtag iron stomach!

So at 4:30 AM in India there is little to do, but ponder the meaning of life and listen to an overly played sleep playlist. So I figured rather than succumb to homesickness and countdowns, I would blog. I was behind on thanking my friends and family for the generous reminders that I am loved, even in the third world.

joshEEissenhower: CHOCOLATE FROM GERMANY???? You are amazing. To say the least. Even though the unbelievably high temperatures had melted the milky chocolate bar into a distorted turd shape–it was chocolate never the less and was enjoyed by all. Missing having you down the hall from me, across the intern table, and swapping ridiculous stories about you know who. Meet you in St. Louis?

Aunt Libby: for the win! I can tell the last 40 years or so you have spent with my mother have taught you a thing or two. One being, she would never get around to sending me mail on time–even though she had a 5 month window. I thank you for sending me love from the Floyd half of my genes!

Papa W: Only my Jewish father would send the most cliche Easter card around. Stocked with “I’d rather be shopping” post its and all. Which I quickly handed out to the CIEE office members, for their pleasure and my amusement. What more could a girl ask for? Say season 5 of Gilmore Girls for example? But after that nothing else.

I would close this with a shameless plug to get more mail, but sorry friends I believe that window is closed. I have spent many hours of the early morning figuring this out and am happy to report that I will be state side in T-25 days. Will I kiss the ground? No. Shed tears? Yes. Get me to CVG.


One comment on “The Snailiest of Mail

  1. alanwein45
    April 9, 2013

    Yep, the ticket is booked. You’ll be coming home soon!

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