Saree Not Saree: India 2013

It's funny how time and distance change you, the roads you take don't always lead you home.

National Grilled Cheese Day


I am not sure if everyone is aware of this beautiful fact, but today was national grilled cheese day in the USA. So naturally, we stocked up on the necessary amenities and went to town frying up some cheesey monsters. India is not known for its fancy cheeses, much to my dismay, but we made do with the melty goodness we could get our hands on. Priya and I wandered through HyperCity buying up their brie, colby, and cheddar stalk along with apples, bread, and preserves–all the necesities of a grilled cheese fest. We MAY have stopped at some other stores in the mall? Amazing new peplum top and teal leather side bag, so I am not complaining.

Please note new nose ring!

Please note new nose ring!

We headed back to Bhavani’s to whip up a batch of cheese monster sandwiches.  I manned the grill, a skillet balanced on the open flame of a propane tank, while Priya chopped up blocks of cheese. We paired brie and apples, cheddar and colby double deckers, and red chili and oregano for Bhavani, who needed the extra spice. She is a born and raised south indian woman after all. Even Tanvi, who I have never seen eat more than three handfulls of rice, finished off an entire cheesey goodness sandwich. Needless to say they are hooked and for all the right reasons. Our second course was a delicious aloo (potato) curry which we wolfed down with our fingers before heading to the Ogadi carnival.

Clinging on for dear life!!

Clinging on for dear life!!

Yesterday was the Telugu New Year, Ogadi, and the whole city has been a buzz with celebration, much unlike that of the solar calendar. WUTZ GEWD NYE 14??!? People gather for traditional dishes and then head to their local carnival to ride the ferris wheel and gossip with friends. Unfortunately after our big dinner and post coma shmooze, when we got to the carnival it was closed. A deserted shadowy field of trampled straw and trash stood before us. A few men were occupying the field and for Rs 50 they allowed us to ride the ferris wheel. Although this was the sketchiest transaction of my life, Bhavani and a few other Indian women were there so we went through with it. We spun round and round in the darkness as the men manually powered the wheel. We held on tight as our metal cabins rocked back and forth, testing our limits. Poor Tanvi had a meltdown until they stopped and had to be carried home on her mother’s back. If I were four, I too would have been sobbing and probably still need to call my mom even at age twenty. Keddy and I strolled the rest of the way home planning our trip into the old city tomorrow to say goodbye to Charminar and the many bazaars. Starting the hydration process now as it is supposed to be a nice 115 degrees tomorrow!


One comment on “National Grilled Cheese Day

  1. Deborah Floyd
    April 12, 2013

    I would have NEVER let you get on that rickety death trap!

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