Saree Not Saree: India 2013

It's funny how time and distance change you, the roads you take don't always lead you home.

Sleepless in HYD

Sunrise Selfies

Sunrise Selfies

Another dawn has come without a single hour of shut eye from this lady. This title seems fitting; around 2 AM I started streaming “When Harry Met Sally” in the hopes that it would lull me off to sleep in a romantic comedy induced coma (with a little boost from my two BFFz NyQuil and Melatonin). No luck. Meg Ryan being the perfect movie star that she is in both these movies, I have decided to rename my restless nights with a pun on Tom Hanks’ best sappy romantic role, in her honor. On second thought, Tom kills it in “You’ve Got Mail”, my favorite from the dynamic duo, but they are all classics. At least for me. I finished up the morning watching “Roman Holiday” a true classic for anyone still kicking.

This is the second time this week where I have failed to even doze for a few hours in the early morning. I currently sit watching the sun rise over campus and I am taken back to my first days in India. Back when my jet lag got me up with the sun, since my body thought it was dinner time. The cooler mornings are refreshing and it has been nice getting some fresh air that doesn’t sit in my lungs, clogging them with steamy, thick, dirty air.

Even Gimp finds some shade before the daily heat wave...

Even Gimp finds some shade before the daily heat wave…

The mess workers have just arrived for their morning shift. The guards brush their teeth with their fingers off to the side of the yard. The world is slowly waking up for another bustling day under the blanket of heat that will soon commence. I wait, with saggy, dark eyes, for the day–to fight off the urge to nap and make myself useful. Sleep has no use for me now. Now that everytime I close my eyes I picture my homecoming, Black Pond moments, and my apartment life with my villa loves. All these images clog my brain as my heart beat increases and that fleeting moment of exhausting is overtaken by the future I am creating in my mind. Even the soothing jams of Brandi Carlile and Sara Haze do little for me in these early hours before dawn, where I close and reopen my laptop–begging for sleep.

For the better, I have gotten in a lot of much needed reflection time. This is not an experience that is going to vanish from my mind as quickly as my normal sleep pattern. My time thinking back on my success, failure, friendship, challenge has been beyond beneficial. I can think of ten times off the top of my head that make me ROFL (literally) and even more that bring tears, the good and bad kind, to my eyes. I want to start writing them down and do a post on the 20 best moments of the last five months. It may be awhile, but that is my closing goal–to make those moments permanent in my corner of the interwebs. Can you tell I am getting nostalgic for my time here? My thoughts in blog form and personal reflection continue to increase as my moments here become fewer by the minute.

This post honestly had no purpose, but to kill some time before breakfast. I am crossing my fingers for banana cinnamon pancakes (my favorite Tagore specialty) and with only 45 minutes left to wait I swear I can smell the batter.


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