Saree Not Saree: India 2013

It's funny how time and distance change you, the roads you take don't always lead you home.

The Adventures of Dove and Pearl

In the early days of our Indian adventure, Keddy and I would hop on our tricked out bikes daily to get around campus. After many few embarrassing days of arriving places dripping in sweat (campus is uphill both ways), we learned the art and ease of hitchhiking. Our bikes were decorated blue and pink with slick cursive writing–Dove for me and Pearl for Keddy. They had minds of their own and defined us for a good few weeks.

Times changed quickly and I ended up leaving Dove at the soccer fields after my tournament and only retrieving her last night. I thought for sure she would have been stolen by then, but NO there was my loyal, slightly rusted, heap of metal upside down in a bush. I walked her the mile and a half up campus because the tires were so flat the wheels were falling off. I promptly returned her and received my deposit. NOTE: Pearl, Keddy’s pride and joy, is locked in a bike hub somewhere on campus sans bumper and basket which reside under her bed after they fell off mid ride.

Overindulgence and its finest!

Overindulgence and its finest!

On an entirely unrelated note, the internet is out on campus. So if you do not hear from me that is why. I traveled down the road to the cold stone of India, Hazzel, for ice cold refreshments and free wifi. I was introduced to the “Sizzler” by one of my fellow internet refugees and indulged. It was truly unbelievable–I have the chocolate stains and burnt taste buds to prove it.


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