Saree Not Saree: India 2013

It's funny how time and distance change you, the roads you take don't always lead you home.

Random Thoughts In My Final Days


Today, I packed. My red suitcase is sorted into three section–traditional Indian clothes (that all smell like curry), new, nice Western ware, and old, raged, over worn staples. So much room in my duffle for presents and shoes! I left out jeans and tshirts for EL NORTE and my strategically planned outfit for the plane. Priya and I cannot stop talking about the moment we will take off our leggings and put on shorts. HAIL SHIVA FREE KNEES! Get ready family…I have heard that the first thing you will say to me is that I smell? CANT WAIT (bring sushi? the puppy and the food…)

Keddy went to the Old City yesterday to do some shopping, aka haggling, while I slept the day away after a late evening being bored of cricket. Her purchases included some pearls, elf shoes, and an oriental rug. The rug being the most important item ever, she likes it more than me. No idea how it is getting back to the US, but for USD $25, she couldn’t say no. We are all just glad she finally got one as she has been making us shop for rugs all over South India. She slept with it last night and we played Aladdin on it this morning. We are weird. Dont ask.

I love Indian Subway. First of all they deliver, for free. I just spent Rs. 300 ($6) on a sandwich and chips and it was delivered TO MY DOOR with no extra fees. I ordered a footlong (dont judge) and it came in two adorable cardboard six-inch boxes that fold up. I am going to craft them into something, they are just too cute. Also, the bag it came in is made of some biodegradable cotton. Look at those green initiatives Subway! Now onto the menu, they make a mean breakfast sandwich  Which is unheard of in India. They dont get too fancy with their toppings, making them the experts of the turkey, cheese, lettuce, onions, and extra pickles. Only downside is they only have one type of cheese, white. But its tasty so I deal. They also have this amazing topping called black pepper yogurt, which I love more than anything in the entire world. That is all. Can you tell how sick I am of Indian food?

Did I mention that I PACKED today?


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