Saree Not Saree: India 2013

It's funny how time and distance change you, the roads you take don't always lead you home.

Delhidallying–Travel Reflections On My Way Home


Finally, our end of semester travels had begun. While getting to know one another in the first days, we often gauged each other’s legitimacy based on their knowledge of Indian geography and prior research on independent trips. I knew very little about either. S I picked up some places within the first hour to make me sound cool–like I had any idea what I had gotten myself into. I might add that I currently sit in the HYD airport waiting for my flight to London reflecting on the last ten days in a sleep deprived, nerve wridden haze. I am also wearing jean shorts. I add that simply to inform you how over the regulations of this country I am. It was just TOO hot at 3 am for me to wear my pollution, sweat crusted leggings. Instead opting to bare all knee, I have learned the hard way that everything is a lot easier when abiding by, the somewhat ridiculous, cultural regulations. This coming from the Anthropology Major. WOW, maybe I did learn something this semester. Can you tell I am rambling? That is my lack of sleep and fear of caffeine talking—I am honestly too tired to even read so as I tap-tap away at my computer I am not even sure this entirely makes sense. Ill have to have Deb proofread it later.


Back to Delhi. We arrive full of smiles and energy, even with our early flight and head to The Estate. The lovely couple we adopted as parents in Goa have a niece with a fantastic B&B outside of Delhi and with a friends and family discount we just couldn’t resist a little pampering to start off our journey. We settled in then hopped on the metro into the city in hunt of food. We ended up at a restored loft when we enjoyed salad and noodles—two luxuries India has yet to come to fully master. I cannot believe I got through an entire sentence about Delhi without raving about the metro system. This air conditioned tube goes all over the city, crammed full of school children, commuters, mothers and babies, and most importantly men on men. Besides the lacking gender ratio, we guarded our bags and enjoyed the lovely ride under the city. Metro cards in hand we were proud to say we mastered the metro to anyone who gave us the time of day. For the remainder of the day we wandered around a bazaar filled with scarves, leather goods, and costume jewely—perfect for buying all the presents I had yet to even consider purchasing. After exausting ourselves, we hoped into a cycle rickshaw which took us back to the metro where with a hop, skip, and a jump, we were in the entirely other world of the Saket City Walk Mall.


Shiva must have been smiling on me and I was greated with a huge Starbucks right at the entry. “Grande Iced Coffe Unsweeted with Soy Milk” in hand I was ready to take on the largest mall I had ever seen. Complete with two hotels and a movie theater, this three story mongrel was home to some of the best shopping on Earth. NOTE: Al, I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I showed some serious restraint…Ask Ked.


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