Saree Not Saree: India 2013

It's funny how time and distance change you, the roads you take don't always lead you home.


BBQ for 2? Or a family of four.....

BBQ for 2? Or a family of four…..

After a long week of getting back into my routine, the weekend rolled around. Not just any weekend. This is the pre weekend to indian spring break, holi, beach, GOA, adventure. And needless to say we are pumped. We have run errands to prepare: new dresses and pedicures were in order.

The man who cleaned up my feet for my luxurious vacation made it his personal mission to restore my calloused feet to their previous glory. Noting their cry for help, he whipped out a scalpel and went to town CUTTING dead skin off of my feet. This has to be illegal in America, because if I moved an inch, even just a flinch, he would have cut off one of my toes. Although this was the least relaxing pedicure I have ever received, my feet are as soft as a baby’s bottom. Almost.

I could go on about this pedicure forever, so let me stop myself there. And move on to my next favorite topic. BBQ. For $10 (Rs. 500) you get unlimited kebabs served at a mini grill on your table. Needless to say, Keddy and I went twice in one week. The paneer is melt in your mouth soft, the prawns are crisped to perfection, and I have a shameless addiction to mutton.

A perfect week preparing for my next indian adventure! Tonight were heading out with out new Indian friends to an open air bar looking out over the city. Yes, were on a list. Yes, we think were cool. Yes, we ARE important.


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