Saree Not Saree: India 2013

It's funny how time and distance change you, the roads you take don't always lead you home.

Mo Momos Mo Problems

After climbing the road that meandered up a mountain for three hours, we arrived at our cloud. A little spot of heaven, we could leasurly explore as the sun set. … Continue reading

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Fly In My Chai

Remember when I said our train was 15 hours and 14 minutes late? Well our train ended up being 9 hours late and we were meant to add that 15 … Continue reading

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Hauz Khas! Bless You!

Our train to El Norte left fom New Delhi, so we headed back to Delhi in General Class. General seating is hard to describe as it is entirely a cluster … Continue reading

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We woke early, do you sense a pattern? Keddy had me up early every day. I kid you not one day she said, “Let’s sleep in tomorrow” then set her … Continue reading

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We passed out instantly in our gigantic beds, waking early only with the promise of free, fresh breakfast. Dining on more toast than humanly possible and eggs fried to perfection, … Continue reading

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Delhidallying–Travel Reflections On My Way Home

Finally, our end of semester travels had begun. While getting to know one another in the first days, we often gauged each other’s legitimacy based on their knowledge of Indian … Continue reading

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Honey, I’m Home

Running from my gate in the Cincinnati airport into my moms arms was the single greatest moment in the history of moments. Period. I had been playing it my head … Continue reading

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